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BCA (Bachelor of Computer Applications)

In the ever growing IT industry, the demand for BCA graduates is increasing rapidly. With a BCA degree, candidates can find lucrative job opportunities in private as well public sector.

The basic course curriculum of BCA, typically lays emphasis on database management systems, operating systems, software engineering, computer architecture, web technology and languages such as C, C++, HTML, Java etc.

Leaders Education / Academics / Science


Youngsters today are very well aware that nowadays having only a graduate degree will not suffice their need of being skilled professional in today’s competitive job market. To acquire additional skills, to be more competitive & preferred among others you need to have something extra. 

Infact, Science has been known as a stream of opportunities for long now with multiple specializations that can be chosen from and with huge employment opportunities. 

After the completion of the B.Sc degree there are various options available for the science students, they can go for master degree in Science i.e. M.Sc, go in a research area and can even look for professional job oriented courses.

Leaders Education / Academics / Science

MCA (Master of Computer Applications)

It’s a three year long professional post-graduate programme for candidates wanting to delve deeper into the world of computer application development with the help of learning modern programming language. 

The programme is a blend of both theoretical and practical knowledge. An MCA degree endows students’ an opportunity to work with tools meant to develop better and faster applications.

Leaders Education / Academics / Management & Commerce

BBA (Bachelor of Business Administration)

The Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) course is a full-time, three-year, undergraduate course of study aimed at preparing young graduates to take up challenging careers in business and industry, and enables them to pursue higher studies thereafter. The course also equips graduates with required skill sets such as analytical, decision-making, technical, interpersonal and technological skills.

The course is designed to develop a holistic personality in graduates thus enabling them to succeed as professionals, while at the same time find fulfilment in their personal lives. The overall objective of the course is to prepare young professionals to be responsible and responsive to the demands of society in an ever-changing environment.

Leaders Education / Academics / Management & Commerce

MBA (Master of Business Administration)

The Master of Business Administration (MBA) course curriculum consists of general management subjects, core subjects and elective subjects that reflect the student’s chosen area of specialization: Marketing; Finance; Organizational Leadership and Strategy (OB & HR); Operations; Retail; Banking and Financial Services; Hospitality; Entrepreneurship and Family Business; International Business; or Communications. One of the differentiating features of the curriculum is the range and depth of electives, which are industry-specific and where rigor and relevance are appropriately balanced, resulting in the greater marketability of graduates.

Leaders Education / Academics / Management & Commerce

B.COM (Bachelor of Commerce)

A bachelor’s degree in commerce is a fundamental graduating qualification, and opens up opportunities in higher education for graduates to pursue Master’s-level courses such as M.Com and MBA. The B. Com. Graduate also has opportunities to apply for professional courses in commerce and accountancy such as CA, CS, ICWA, CIMA, CFA and CMA etc.

The program imparts strong subject-matter expertise by focusing on the learning that includes the knowledge of basic theories, principles, methods and procedures of commerce and accounting.

The curriculum of the B. Com. Degree course is rigorous and progressive, and prepares its graduates for careers in commerce and accountancy as well as for other professional roles such as economic, business and security analysts.

Leaders Education / Academics / Arts

MA (English Literature)

It provides in-depth knowledge of Literature written in the English language across the globe to the students. It includes specializations like Indian Literature, British Literature, Contemporary Literature, Translation Literature, etc.

The students who complete this course get job opportunities in sectors like Education, Teaching, News Agencies, and can work on profiles like a writer, publisher, translator, etc.

Leaders Education / Academics / Arts


It is a 3-year undergraduate course dealing with the various nuances of English as a language, both written and spoken. It is excellent preparation for careers in teaching, media, and advertising, writing, and publishing.

The subject deals in literary analysis, prose, poetry, written and oral communication skills and related disciplines.

Leaders Education / Academics / Diploma

Diploma in Office Administration

This course is a comprehensive overview of the administration of the modern office in the public and private sector. The application of management principles to office operations will be covered. The course provides practical information about human relations, office technology and management process. The area DOA covers are Microsoft Word, Excel, Power Point, Payroll etc. Apart from these the students are given deeper insights on effective communication, writing impressive curriculum vitae, interview techniques, letter writing etc.